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through the trees, Orion

In the clear winter nights, high in the mountains, I gaze upon one of the greatest constellations visible with the naked eye. It’s the Orion constellation and that’s one of the moments when I wish for a telescope. This has inspired Metallica to write one of the best instrumental tracks I ever heard: Orion by Metallica on Grooveshark

add more fuel to my fire (2)

Go then, there are other worlds than these. Stephen King, The Gunslinger (or how I got to take another “Add more fuel to my fire” photo)  


this was taken last weekend in Goblin, Vama Veche. of course it calls for the song Spitfire, by Prodigy. hit play: Spitfire by The Prodigy on Grooveshark

vibrating colors

taken at the “colaj AV” launch party with the recently aquired Sony NEX-5N. i’m really impressed how it handles very low light conditions.