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even though

[gmap-embed id=”1859″] inspired by Morcheeba’s unique album “Blood Like Lemonade”.

Natural Born Killers

watching Oliver Stone’s masterpiece “Natural Born Killers” for the 4th 5th time has inspired me to create this wallpaper. i used one of Mike Smith’s frames (the director of the animated scenes). you can download it here.


I’m coming up on infra-red There is no running that can hide you know ‘Cause I can see in the dark I’m coming up on infra-red Forget your running, I will find you now Placebo, Infra-red Infra-Red by Placebo on Grooveshark

dark inked rocks

when looking down towards the Prahovei valley while trekking the Bucegi mountains, one can almost perceive the darkness that the rocks hold.


Of course, there shouldn’t be any short movie collection without BagiƄski’s Katedra.

OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles

Another amazing short, showcasing the titles participating in the OFFF Barcelona 2011 festival. It’s in itself a masterpiece, with a flavor of Half Life 2 universe, and surpassing by far many of the SF movies I’ve seen lately.