Earth's Most Beloved Son (1993)
Movie Release Date 1993
Country Romania
Language Romanian
Running Time 110 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 8.5
Stefan Iordache Victor Petrini
Gheorghe Dinica investigator
Dorel Visan guard
Maia Morgenstern Matilda
Tora Vasilescu librarian Nineta
Mircea Albulescu inmate "the Greek"
Valentin Uritescu Dr. Marcu
Emil Hossu Iustin Comănescu
Director Șerban Marinescu
The life-story confession of a prisoner waiting for his trial. Victor Petrini, a promising intellectual in the 1950s and a lecturer in Philosophy is arrested by the repressive secret police, wrongly accused of espionage, and sentenced to prison and forced labor.
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Region Region 1
No. of Discs/Tapes 1