Une chance sur deux (1998)
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, Action
Studio Les Films Christian Fechner
Movie Release Date 1998
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 104 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 5.7
Jean-Paul Belmondo Léo Brassac
Alain Delon Julien Vignal
Vanessa Paradis Alice Tomaso
Eric Defosse Carella
Aleksandr Yakovlev Trenchcoat Killer
Valeri Gatayev Anatoli Sharkov
Michel Aumont Ledoyen
Sandrine Caron Maitre d'hôtel
Luis Jaime-Cortez Angel Vargas
Véronique Hubert
Philippe Magnan
Daniel Millot
Marie Neplaz
Bobby Pacha
Alexandre Iakovlev
Director Patrice Leconte
Writer Patrice Leconte
Writer Serge Frydman
Producer Christian Fechner
Producer Hervé Truffaut
Alice Tomaso (Paradis) gets out of jail, and goes looking for Léo (Belmondo) and Julien (Delon), one of whom, it appears, is her father. On the way, she steals the wrong car - one belonging to the Russian mafia, and arrives at her destination with a gang of thugs out looking for her and the car.
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