True Romance (1993)
Genre Drama, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Studio Warner Bros.
Movie Release Date 1993
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 116 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 8.0
Christian Slater Clarence Worley
Patricia Arquette Alabama Worley
Dennis Hopper Clifford Worley
Gary Oldman Drexl Spivey
Brad Pitt Floyd
Christopher Walken Vincenzo Coccotti
Val Kilmer Mentor
Bronson Pinchot Elliot Blitzer
Michael Rapaport Dick Ritchie
Saul Rubinek Lee Donowitz
Chris Penn Nick Dimes
Tom Sizemore Cody Nicholson
Samuel L. Jackson Big Don
James Gandolfini Virgil
Victor Argo Lenny
Director Tony Scott
Writer Quentin Tarantino
Writer Roger Avary
Producer Don Edmonds
Producer Gary Barber
Musician Hans Zimmer
Cinematography Jeffrey L. Kimball
True Romance is a Tarantino classic ‘on the road’ movie. Once again like in his older film ‘Natural Born Killers’ we are given a story of a gangster couple.
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