This Boy's Life (1993)
Genre Drama, Biography
Studio Warner Bros.
Movie Release Date 1993
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 115 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 7.3
Robert De Niro Dwight
Ellen Barkin Caroline
Leonardo DiCaprio Toby
Jonah Blechman Arthur Gayle
Eliza Dushku Pearl
Chris Cooper Roy
Carla Gugino Norma
Zachary Ansley Skipper
Tracey Ellis Kathy
Kathy Kinney Marian
Robert Zameroski Arch Cook
Tobey Maguire Chuck Bolger
Tristan Tait Jerry Huff
Travis MacDonald Psycho
Richard Liss A & P Manager
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Writer Robert Getchell
Writer Tobias Wolff
Producer Art Linson
Producer Peter Guber
Musician Carter Burwell
Cinematography David Watkin
In 1957, a son and mother flee the East and an abusive boyfriend to find a new life, and end up in Seattle, where the mother meets a polite garage mechanic. The boy continually gets into trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd. The mom marries the mechanic, but they soon find out that he's an abusive and unreasoning alcoholic, and they struggle to maintain hope in an impossible situation as the boy grows up with plans to escape the small town by any means possible. Based on a true story by Tobias Wolff.
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