Sexy Beast (2000)
Genre Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Studio 20th Century Fox
Movie Release Date 2000
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 89 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 7.3
James Fox Harry
Ian McShane Teddy Bass
Ray Winstone Gary Dove
Ben Kingsley Don Logan
Amanda Redman Deedee Dove
Robert Atiko Andy
Cavan Kendall Aitch
Julianne White Jackie
Álvaro Monje Enrique
Nieves del Amo Oruet Air Hostess
Gérard Barray Spanish Official
Desirée Erasmus Jean
Enrique Alemán Fabrega Pilot
Director Jonathan Glazer
Writer Louis Mellis
Writer David Scinto
Producer Jeremy Thomas
Producer Denise O'Dell
Musician Roque Banos
Cinematography Ivan Bird
Gary is a former gangster who has made a modest amount of money from his criminal career. Happy to put his life of crime behind him, he has retired with his wife Deedee to the sunny bliss of rural Spain, where he lives an idyllic life with his family and a few close friends. But Gary's contentment is ruptured by an unwelcome visitor from his past. Don.
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Region Region 1
No. of Discs/Tapes 1