Instinct (1999)
Genre Drama, Thriller
Studio Buena Vista
Movie Release Date 1999
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 126 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 6.5
Anthony Hopkins Ethan Powell
Cuba Gooding Jr. Theo Caulder
Donald Sutherland Ben Hillard
Maura Tierney Lynn Powell
George Dzundza Dr. John Murray
Thomas Q. Morris Pete
Director Jon Turteltaub
Writer Gerald Di Pego
Writer Daniel Quinn
Producer Hunt Lowry
Producer Barbara Boyle
Musician Danny Elfman
Cinematography Philippe Rousselot
Dr. Ethan Powell, an anthropologist, is in Africa studying apes when he is lost for two years. When he is found, he kills 3 men and puts 2 in the hospital. Cuba Gooding's character is a psychiatrist who wants to take up the task of trying to get Dr. Powell to speak again and maybe even stand judgment at a trial for his release from prison of mental cases. Along the way, Cuba has to deal with also helping the mental patients that are being abused and neglected. In this process Cuba learns a few things about himself and life, and so does Anthony Hopkins character, Dr. Powell.
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