Incognito (1997)
Genre Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Mystery, Action
Studio Warner Bros.
Movie Release Date 1997
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 110 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 6.5
Jason Patric Harry Donovan
Irène Jacob Prof. Marieke van den Broeck
Thomas Lockyer Alastair Davies
Ian Richardson Turley
Simon Chandler Iain Ill
Pip Torrens White
Michael Cochrane Deeks
Rod Steiger Milton A. Donovan
Togo Igawa Agachi
Joseph Blatchley Prof. Scheerding
Director John Badham
Writer Jordan Katz
Producer Gary Barber
Producer James G. Robinson
Musician John Ottman
Cinematography Denis Crossan
Harry Donovan is an art forger who paints fake Rembrandt picture for $500,000. The girl he meets and gets into bed with in Paris, Marieke, turns out to be an arts expert Harry's clients are using to check the counterfeit picture he painted.
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