Dangerous Minds (1995)
Genre Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Biography
Studio Buena Vista
Movie Release Date 1995
Country USA
Language English
Running Time 99 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
IMDb Rating 6.4
Michelle Pfeiffer Louanne Johnson
George Dzundza Hal Griffith
Courtney B. Vance George Grandey
Robin Bartlett Carla Nichols
Beatrice Winde Mary Benton
John Neville Waiter
Lorraine Toussaint Irene Roberts
Renoly Santiago Raul Sanchero
Wade Dominguez Emilio Ramirez
Bruklin Harris Callie Roberts
Director John N. Smith
Writer Ronald Bass
Writer LouAnne Johnson
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Producer Don Simpson
Musician Lisa Coleman
Musician Wendy Melvoin
Cinematography Pierre Letarte
LouAnne Johnson is a Marine turned teacher who squares off against a classroom of impudent, inner-city teens, whose bullying tactics nearly drive her out the first day. But Johnson radically changes her lesson plan to include bribery and browbeating (despite objections from the school's prissy principal) in an effort to teach the class that learning is its own reward.
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