<aside> <img src="/icons/notion_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/notion_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Hi! I’m Radu and I am addicted to Notion.


Beyond running the web presence here powered by Notion, I’m a Notion champion (proudly part of the Notion Champions international community), I also run an increasing number of consultancy projects - check out the list of services below. All free-of-charge (for a limited time **🙂)! Interested? **Drop me a line / [email protected] and let’s discuss!

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…and other custom setups and collaborations - let’s talk!



<aside> <img src="/icons/info-alternate_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/info-alternate_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Some of the things I’ve built in Notion together with my colleagues from Superbet and Happening. All information contained is the property of Superbet, displayed here only for showcasing purposes.



product landing page

internal newsletter

onboarding playbooks

the backend (team workspace)

book sharing space

meta workspace


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